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On Aug. 2, 1776...

56 delegates of congress signed the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America. News of this signing arrived in London eight days later.


Can you imagine our media waiting EIGHT DAYS to learn of something of significance? How long do you think it would take for nearly everyone in the WORLD to learn of this success...a minute? An hour? A day? A week?


Realistically, it would depend on if people utilize social media. NAGC offers a variety of webinars, networking opportunities, and mentoring on social media, as well as many other communication topics. Consider joining now! And if you’re already a member, take advantage of the benefits of membership! Get Involved!


NAGC 2015 Communications School


held June 2-4, 2015, in Memphis, Tennessee



Communications School Program

Speaker Presentations (members-only area)


Link to NAGC Communications School photos will be posted soon!


Award Winners Announced at the NAGC 2015 Awards Banquet

Download the NAGC Awards Presentation Program

Download the NAGC Awards Presentation Slides

Photos of NAGC 2015 Awards Presentation (On the NAGC Shutterly share site, you can view or download photos at NO charge. To download, you'll need to sign up for a free account, but you are not required to buy anything.)

Winners of the NAGC 2015 Blue Pencil & Gold Screen Awards Competition were announced at the Awards Banquet held June 3, 2015. Congratulations to the Montgomery County (Maryland) Department of Transportation for winning "Best of Show" in the Blue Pencil & Gold Screen Awards Competition for its "YOLO (You Only Live Once) High School Pedestrian Safety Toolkit."


Jessica Milcetich, 2015 NAGC Communicator of the Year

Congratulations to NAGC's 2015 Communicator of the Year,
Jessica Milcetich


As digital media strategist for the General Services Administration, Jessica Milcetich developed and executed a marketing strategy for She managed a highly successful social media program that connected with the public 632,773,802 times, averaging about 7 percent growth every month. In fiscal year (FY) 2014,’s social media community of followers grew to 839,426, a 39.6 percent increase from FY2013.


Jessica was specifically nominated for and named the NAGC Communicator of the Year for a special election day promotion she created. Every election year, works to help make sure citizens are able to exercise their right to vote. Because mid-term elections generally don’t have a large turnout, the team also wanted to recognize the people who took time to go vote. Learn more about NAGC's 2015 Communicator of the Year.